Types of Molded Pulp

There are 4 main types of moulded pulp or fibre.

  1. Thick Walled

    Used primarily for support packaging applications, the surfaces are rough on one side and moderately smooth on the opposite with a wall thickness of 0.5 to 1.3 cm. Typical uses are for edge protectors and pallet trays.

  2. Transfer Molded

    Transfer molded products are usually thin walled, 0.15 to 0.5 cm, and are the most prevalent type in use today. It produces a relatively smooth surface with good accuracy and definition. Often used for our cup carriers, egg trays and cartons, fruit trays and kidney dishes.

  3. Thermoformed Fiber

    The highest quality of thin walled product available today is the newest form of molded pulp. It produces strong, well defined smooth surfaced material. Captured in heated forming molds which presses and densifies the molded product, they are accurately formed and can have the appearance of plastic material. Typical uses for this type are for point-of-purchase packaging.

  4. Processed

    This type of molded pulp product is that which has undergone some kind of secondary processing such as coating, printing, hot-pressing, die-cutting, etc. often used for custom applications.